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Why Mummy Drinks Why Mummy Drinks

Why Mummy Drinks is the brilliant novel from Gill Sims the author of the online sensation Peter and Jane.

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The Methods of Sergeant Cluff The Methods of Sergeant Cluff

A British Library Crime Classic.

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The Glass Room The Glass Room

Sometimes crime strikes too close to home...

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Fierce Fearless and Free Fierce Fearless and Free

A brilliant, inclusive collection of traditional tales from around the world featuring amazing women and girls.

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Troubled Blood Troubled Blood

Discover the next thrilling instalment in the Cormoran Strike series.

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Dear Life Dear Life

'A truly beautiful book... Told by a doctor, with compassion and wisdom.' - Matt Haig

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Slow Horses Slow Horses

The first in the Dagger award winning series from Mick Herron. Now a must watch Apple+ show with Gary Oldman.

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Out of Range Out of Range

'One of today's solid-gold A-list must-read writers' - Lee Child

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Trains And Lovers Trains And Lovers

'Writing as warm as cocoa - exceedingly good' - The Times

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Strange Images Of Death Strange Images Of Death

Summertime in Provence, 1926, but for Scotland Yard detective Joe Sandilands it's not all 'Dance and Provencal song and sunburnt mirth'.

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Resurrection Bay Resurrection Bay

'An Australian thriller at its finiest. A captivating read from first page to last.' - Jane Harper

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Merrily Watkins collection 1: Midwinter of Spirit and Crown Merrily Watkins collection 1: Midwinter of Spirit and Crown

A thrilling collection starring the intriguing Merrily Watkins - late thirties, single mum, and diocesan exorcist The Cure of Souls When the local vicar refuses to help his parishioners in the aftermath of a savage murder, diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkin

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Amnesia Amnesia

Alastair Cunningham wakes up in hospital with almost total amnesia. But he knows that something terrible happened in his past, something that haunts him still...

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The Woman Who Thought Too Much thumbnail
The Woman Who Thought Too Much eBook
Joanne Limburg

Joanne Limburg thinks things she doesn't want to think, and does things she doesn't want to do. As a..

If Wishes Were Horses thumbnail
If Wishes Were Horses eBook
Susanna Forrest

Susanna Forrest grew up in the 1980s near Norwich, and like many a girl, she yearned for a pony. She..

God Is Not Great thumbnail
God Is Not Great eBook
Christopher Hitchens

God Is Not Great is the ultimate case against religion. In a series of acute readings of the major r..

Wild thumbnail
Wild eBook
Cheryl Strayed

Selected to be read on Radio Four's Book of the Week. 'One of the best books I've read in the la..

The Traveller's Daybook thumbnail
The Traveller's Daybook eBook
Fergus Fleming

The Traveller's Daybook invites you to cross ocean, desert, mountain and ice-cap in the company of t..

Love, Poverty And War thumbnail
Love, Poverty And War eBook
Christopher Hitchens

"I did not, I wish to state, become a journalist because there was no other 'profession' that would ..

Blood, Class And Empire thumbnail
Blood, Class And Empire eBook
Christopher Hitchens

Since the end of the Cold War so-called experts have been predicting the eclipse of America's "speci..

Wojtek The Bear thumbnail
Wojtek The Bear eBook
Aileen Orr

This is the inspiring true story of one of the Second World War's most unusual combatants - a 500-po..

The Scots thumbnail
The Scots eBook
Alistair Moffat/James Wilson

History has always mattered to Scots, and rarely more so than now at the outset of a new century, wi..

Sea Dog Bamse thumbnail
Sea Dog Bamse eBook
Angus Whitson/Andrew Orr

One of the most charming, enterprising, and charismatic characters in the story of World War II' - J..

Vikings in America thumbnail
Vikings in America eBook
Graeme Davis

The first book to tackle the subject in forty years, the true extent of the Viking discovery and col..

Southern Comfort thumbnail
Southern Comfort eBook
Neil Drysdale

For the last 140 years, the south of Scotland has been a powerhouse of rugby union. Despite the area..

Help, I'm Trapped In My Duvet! thumbnail
Help, I'm Trapped In My Duvet! eBook
Howard Lester

Most people understand that what an emergency is and only call out the police, fire brigade or ambul..

Summer Before The Dark thumbnail
Summer Before The Dark eBook
Volker Weidermann

A dazzling portrait of Zweig and Roth, and a community of intellectual exiles, during the extraordin..

Amazing Family Adventures thumbnail
Amazing Family Adventures eBook
Jen Benson/Sim Benson

Whether orienteering, building dens or making a house for a hedgehog, this guide is the ideal way fo..