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I Leap Over the Wall thumbnail
I Leap Over the Wall eBook
Monica Baldwin

At the age of twenty-one, Monica Baldwin - the niece of Stanley Baldwin - entered one of the oldest ..

Arguably thumbnail
Arguably eBook
Christopher Hitchens

As soon as we abandon our own reason', wrote Bertrand Russell, 'and are content to rely upon author..

God Is Not Great thumbnail
God Is Not Great eBook
Christopher Hitchens

God Is Not Great is the ultimate case against religion. In a series of acute readings of the major r..

The Trial Of Henry Kissinger thumbnail
The Trial Of Henry Kissinger eBook
Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens goes straight for the jugular in The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Under his fearso..

The Missionary Position thumbnail
The Missionary Position eBook
Christopher Hitchens

In this frank and damning expose of the Teresa cult, Hitchens details the nature and limits of one w..

No One Left To Lie To thumbnail
No One Left To Lie To eBook
Christopher Hitchens

In No One Left to Lie To, Christopher Hitchens portrays President Bill Clinton as one of the most id..

Love, Poverty And War thumbnail
Love, Poverty And War eBook
Christopher Hitchens

"I did not, I wish to state, become a journalist because there was no other 'profession' that would ..

The Liberty Tree thumbnail
The Liberty Tree eBook
Suzanne Harrington

Suzanne Harrington did all the things that adults do, long before she'd grown up: met Leo, married, ..

The Importance of Being Awkward thumbnail
The Importance of Being Awkward eBook
Tam Dalyell

When veteran Labour MP Tam Dalyell retired as Father of the House in 2005, the Commons lost not only..

The Silent Weaver thumbnail
The Silent Weaver eBook
Roger Hutchinson

In September 1939, groups of horsemen in battledress cantered down a broad, grassy plain on the west..

Southern Comfort thumbnail
Southern Comfort eBook
Neil Drysdale

For the last 140 years, the south of Scotland has been a powerhouse of rugby union. Despite the area..

Help, I'm Trapped In My Duvet! thumbnail
Help, I'm Trapped In My Duvet! eBook
Howard Lester

Most people understand that what an emergency is and only call out the police, fire brigade or ambul..

The Accidental Universe thumbnail
The Accidental Universe eBook
Alan Lightman

In The Accidental Universe, physicist and novelist Alan Lightman explores the emotional and philosop..

The Day Job thumbnail
The Day Job eBook
Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan is a legendary figure in British broadcasting and this book remembers the many bizarre t..