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Resolution thumbnail
Resolution eBook
Robert B. Parker

The dust has yet to settle in the new frontier town of Resolution. It's barely even a town: a genera..

Escape from Bosnia thumbnail
Escape from Bosnia eBook
Ray Drayton

Robert Munroe is a tough guy. He is a big New Zealander with the skills of a first class mountaineer..

The Survival of Juan Oro thumbnail
The Survival of Juan Oro eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Orphan Juan Oro apprentices under the outlaw Matiás Bordi. But when his revered guardian Don José ..

Rider of Death Valley thumbnail
Rider of Death Valley eAudiobook
Dane Coolidge / Jeff Harding

Golden ghost horses and the lost mine of Breyfogle are on the minds of Val Bodie and Johnny Lightfoo..

Captives of the Desert thumbnail
Captives of the Desert eAudiobook
Zane Grey / Jeff Harding

John Curry is riding to save the life of an Indian child when he's thrown from his horse and into th..

Guns of Vengeance thumbnail
Guns of Vengeance eAudiobook
Lewis B. Patten / Jeff Harding

When heat and drought take their toll on owner of the Double R Walt Rand he decides to take action a..

Guns in the Desert thumbnail
Guns in the Desert eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this Western duo Sheriff Jess Wright must protect Singing Springs from the Wil..

The Bandit Trail thumbnail
The Bandit Trail eAudiobook
William MacLeod Raine / Jeff Harding

A story of the Wyoming to Arizona trail; of rustlers and bandits; its secret lairs; and of Jack Love..

The Wolf Strain thumbnail
The Wolf Strain eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

This Western trio shows Max Brand’s compassion for and tremendous ability to create memorable anim..

The Return of the Texan thumbnail
The Return of the Texan eAudiobook
L. L. Foreman / Jeff Harding

Carpetbagging in Texas wasn’t Dain Moore’s idea of living. But he had sworn to keep an eye on hi..

Truth at Gunpoint thumbnail
Truth at Gunpoint eAudiobook
Ray Hogan / Jeff Harding

A collection of virtually all of the prolific author Ray Hogan’s short stories. Celebrating honor ..

Arizona Showdown thumbnail
Arizona Showdown eAudiobook
Les Savage Jr / Jeff Harding

Murder kidnap and dishonest ranchers all play their part in this Western quartet...

The Fugitive's Mission thumbnail
The Fugitive's Mission eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Max Brand has long been considered one of the finest chroniclers of the Old West. Under his pen the ..

McQuaid's Gun thumbnail
McQuaid's Gun eAudiobook
Wayne C. Lee / Jeff Harding

Though Dan McQuaid’s reputation as a gunfighter spread everywhere his one wish is to hang up his p..